Hi, we're Johnny (brindle male Boston Terrier/Pug mix) and June (fawn female Pug). We are a very bonded pair, so we need to be adopted together. But, we're both only about 5-7 years old and about 12 pounds each, so together we make up one normal sized dog!

Hi, I am Mr. Beans and I've had quite an adventure!  I was found in Florida after a car had struck me.  After a 12 hour journey with volunteers to Birmingham, Alabama, they got me checked out.  I had a broken pelvis, a shattered front leg, road rash, missing teeth, and a jaw malocclusion.  Yuck!  All they had to do, though, was put a plate in my leg.  Now I probably couldn't go through a metal detector at the airport, but I can walk and play and be a dog again.  But it has been a hard recovery!  I have had my shots, am neutered, and test heartworm negative.  I am only 8 years old and 27 pounds.  I do have a tail (instead of a little stub!), but I am all Boston Terrier!  I like other dogs and don't make messes in my crate.  I love women, but am not wild about men, in fact, some of them really rub me the wrong way, so you could say I am a ladies man!  When I try to lick my nose, my tongue hits the side of my face (which everyone thinks is cute, apparently!). 

*Home without cats *Home without small children *House trained *Neutered *Special Needs *Current on vaccines

My name is Dixie Rose and I am a real cutie, my momma says so!  I'm fun loving, silly, and everybody's friend.  I'm about 7-9 years old, 16 pounds, spayed, up to date on shots, on heartworm preventative.  I love other dogs (I am a champion wrestler!), and I can put up with kitties (as long as they aren't mean to me!).  I strike fear into the hearts of squirrels and I love to chase a flashlight.  All of this and I'm disabled!  I was born missing one and a half vertebrae.  This doesn't affect my walking and such, but it does mean I have limited control of my pooping and peeing.  I try to do it outside, but I have accidents from time to time (though I am having very few of them these days!)  Eating special food and a regular schedule to go outside has helped a lot!  If you are up to the challenge of my goofy ways and my slight disabilities, I would love to call your place home!

*Home without small children (<6yrs old) *Spayed *Current on Vaccinations

Photographs provided by Marcie Harchuck

If you are interested in adopting or fostering any of our Boston Terriers, please visit our adopt page to fill out an application!

Hi y'all, my name is Parker and I am just a big galoot!  I am a young guy (10 years +/-), kind big (25 pounds), but I like to act like a tiny lap dog!  I don't like other dogs or cats too much and would be best off without small children around me, but I LOVE people (though I am getting along so much better with other dogs than when I first got here!).  I like to be held like a baby, sleep on my back, and have my head and belly rubbed!  Oh, and I love to roll on my back while kicking my feet in the air!  I also like to play with toys and go nuts in the yard.  I know how to sit and am well behaved when no dogs are around to distract me.  I can get along with some dogs, but only certain ones!  The dogs I like, I really love and can play all day with, but the ones I don't, I really just can't stand them!  I had heartworms, but I have been treated and test negative now.  I've also been neutered and had my shots. 

*Home without cats *Home without small children *House Trained *Neutered *Current on vaccines

Hello!  My name is Nellie.  I'm almost 9 and still going strong!  I love toys and play time.  Running through the yard and going for walks are fun but I'm also a big fan of snuggling up with my humans! I'm no petite flower at 25 pounds.  I like other dogs and kids (cats not so much!)  I'm housetrained too!  I've been spayed, had my shots, am on heartworm preventative, and am microchipped.  While I'm no youngster, I am still a spirited girl!

Hello, everyone!  I'm Leona, a red tick coon hound!  I know all kinds of neat things: sit, down, stay, etc. but at heart, I'm a goofy girl!  Play time, romping, and silly behavior are my thing!  Love attention and belly rubs!  I've had my shots, been spayed, microchipped, and on heartworm prevention.  I am fine with other dogs (as long as they aren't totally wild!) and I like kids (prefer not so little ones).  I need a fenced yard (higher fence or privacy fence would be awesome!)  I'm not very big at 49 pounds and I'm between 2 and 3 years old.  Don't let the white marks make you think gray hair...it's not gray, just my natural markings!

If you are interested in adopting any of our Boston Terriers, please visit our adopt page to fill out an application!

 Greetings we're Mork & Mindy, what's your name? Is it mom or dad? We're almost 2 years old and about 25 pounds. We're good with other dogs and love people, especially when they have treats & toys! (hint! hint!) We have had our shots, have been neutered, been microchipped, and tested negative for heartworms, and are crate trained too!

‚ÄčI'm a hunka, hunka burnin' love!  Okay, I'm not Elvis, my name is Spudz and a stout boy at 30 pounds!  I'm also quite young, maybe a year and a half!  I'm a terrier mix and like other dogs.  I like cats.  Toys are A-Okay too.  And people.  I love it when people love on my though I'm kind of timid at first.  Give me a little time and patience, and I'll be your baby!  Up to date on my shots, I've also had a microchip, been neutered, and am on flea and heartworm preventative too!  Want a crate trained terrific terrier?  I'm the one!

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