Meet: Bugg

If you are interested in adopting or fostering any of our Boston Terriers, please visit our adopt page to fill out an application!

Meet: Poncho

Hey, y’all! My name is Westie and I am THE fun boy! I am about 2 and half and 20 pounds. Toys and games – I LOVE it! I do chill out in my crate, but otherwise, I am raring to go! I like other dogs but some of them find me to be too boisterous. I’ve had my shots, been neutered, am microchipped, and I am on flea and heartworm preventative! I am good about telling the humans when I need to potty and I am learning all kinds of commands and stuff right now! I still pull on a leash, but we are working on that! I am goof ball and loads of fun, but it takes the right fit for me to live with another dog (just like with people, some you like, and some less so!). If you want a partner in fun, look no further! You can put in an application today!

Photographs provided by Marcie Harchuck

Meet: Westie

If you are interested in adopting any of our Boston Terriers, please visit our adopt page to fill out an application!


Hello hello hello! They call me Bruiser. About 1 year old, I'm still full of puppy silliness. And at 15 pounds, I am bigger in my mind than I am in my body - pup-pup bravado! Since being rescued, they have been treating me for irritated skin (my hair and skin are looking soooo much better!) and they are teaching me how to be a civilized, indoor doggie! Ive had my shots, been neutered and microchipped, and am on heartworm and flea prevention. I would love to bring my toys to your house and be your pup.

*Special diet for skin allergies

*Medicated Baths

Meet: Bruiser


Hi There! Let me introduce myself. My name is Bugg and I AM a Bugg (pug + Boston!). At 2 years old, I am a lively guy! I am about 18 pounds and have had my shots, been neutered, microchipped, and I am on heartworm and flea preventatives too (I had heartworms, but these rescue people treated me!). Going for a stroll in the park, meeting new dog pals, being appreciated by humans (kids and grown ups), and, of course, playing with toys– those are most fondest aspirations! I even like kitty cats! So if you have in mind to adopt and all around easy going dog who will be happy to meet everybody and always be up for fun, well, here I am!

*Secure fence and leashed while outside a must*

Well howdeedo! The name is Poncho and I so much fun packed into a little, 15 pound pup! I'm about a year old and am friend to man and dog alike! If you have a toy, i can help you play with it - I'm good that way! Shots, neutering, microchip, heartworm/flea prevention - all done! I've spent all of my life running loose outdoors and am so ready to be a spoiled house pupper! The rescue folks are teaching me all about house manners - walking on a leash, where to potty, what is a toy vs what is a shoe, and even which fork goes by the doggie dish! I had some irritated, itchy skin when I came into the rescue, but i am looking pretty fly now, if i do say so myself - all the patchy fur is filling in and looking so good! If you'd like for me to be your # 1 side kick.

*needs to be crated in car rides*

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