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Microchipping— The Miraculous and True Story of Ruby/Mindy


We in Birmingham Boston Terrier Rescue got a dog in in 2007. The network of Boston Terrier Rescues notified Birmingham Boston Terrier Rescue (www.BhamBTR.org) one Tuesday that an older, blind girl was about to be put to sleep (on Thursday). She had been found as a stray in a state park in Northern Georgia. So Birmingham Boston Terrier Rescue stepped in, called the shelter, put in our paper work (licensed in Georgia), arranged to have someone pull her from the shelter prior to her "PTS" date, found a foster home, and worked out a transport to Birmingham. This was done in 24 hours!  

She is an old girl, blind, nearly deaf, but otherwise pretty healthy (checked out by a vet when she arrived in Birmingham)! She was guessed to be about 12 years old or so. Her new name - Ruby!  


She went to her foster family in Decatur over the weekend where she was scanned. Sure enough, she was microchipped with an Avid microchip!  


Here is what we found from the microchip!   Her name was Mindy and she was missing from a family in South Florida (Lee County). She had been missing since 2002 ! The shelter's (Lee County Animal Services) phone was disconnected! It took a little work, but we were able to get a phone number for her family in South Florida and contacted them. 


The story goes that Mindy had been the pet of a woman in Indiana. This lady had gone into a nursing home. At that point, Mindy was adopted by the Thomas' while visiting family in the area.


 The family lives in North Fort Myer, FL, but would take Mindy back to Indiana to visit her previous owner when they would visit their family there. She lived a happy, spoiled life where she slept under the covers in the bed and ran the house. She lived with this family from 1995 to 2002 when   Mindy was stolen during a burglary on their home.


 During the time that Mindy was missing, her family continued to celebrate her birthday in hopes that she was alive somewhere. This is believed to be February 13 1994! Ruby/ Mindy was 13 years and 8 months old! She was blind, her hearing poor, but she was a happy girl despite the ups and downs her life has thrown at her.


 A transport from Birmiingham to South Florida was worked out and homes she went. Upon reuniting with her dad, this dog with such diminished sense knew her human! She was beside herself. So was he! 


So many people's hard work, the wonder of microchipping, and the grace of God took Miss Mindy from Indiana, to Florida, to Georgia, to Alabama, and then back home to South Florida to live out her life with her loving family!!


The moral of the story? 

A dog missing may still have hope  -  The efforts of many for one small life pay off -  Microchipping worksAnd most of all, in the word's of Dorothy Gail, "There's No Place Like Home!"